XTRM SNFFR Double Small


The XTRM SNFFR was designed by XTRM in 2019 and they produce them in Austria. This guarantees consistent quality.

With the double “two-noses” the circulation is fantastic and ingenious.

Benefits of the SNIFFER:

  • no skin contact with the contents
  • no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin
  • 3 phase system the term “sniffing” gets a whole new dimension!

Care Instructions:

  • The SNIFFER doesn’t like sun, heat, cold, detergents. 
  • Please do not leave the sniffer permanently on the bottle because it does not prevent evaporation.
  • Safety note: approach carefully. Do not tilt the bottle, the SNFFR by XTRM are not leak-proof.
  • The SNFFR does not need to be washed or exposed to excessive heat.


1: Small fit the small bottles and large US bottles
2: Large for all large bottles (From the EU)

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