Shiatsu Pheromone Fragrance Man Grey 15ml


These special highly concentrate pheromone perfume with their varied compositions were developed to make you even more desirable to the opposite sex. The frangrence of this superb quality perfume brings further enhancement to your flair and personality. 

Try it for yourself and experience the unique effect!

This pheromone is for him to attract her.

This fragrance is an international composition with Siberian pine and Bergamot, as well as Canadian Fir to complete with indonesian Patchouli. Simply a must-have for people who think “out of the box”.


  • Fragrance Family: leathery, powdery, spicy, woody, floral.
  • Top Note: Pink Pepper, Bergamot.
  • Heart Note: Spices, Jasmine, Plum.
  • Base Note: Leather, Oakmoss, Patchouli. 

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